Using Military Skills to Succeed as an Entrepreneur: The Journey of a 1345 Engineer Equipment Operator

When I joined the US Marine Corps as a 1345 Engineer Equipment Operator, I never thought that the skills I would learn would be transferable to becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, after my time in the military, I realized that the training and experience I gained were some of the best tools for starting and growing a business.

Basic Training: Building the Foundation for Success

Basic training was the first step in my journey to become an entrepreneur. The days were long and grueling, but I learned to push through the challenges and work as a team to achieve our goals. I also learned discipline, attention to detail, and the importance of taking care of my equipment. These are all crucial skills that I would later use in my own business.

Advanced Skills Training: Mastering the Art of Engineering Equipment Operations

After basic training, I moved on to advanced skills training where I learned the ins and outs of engineering equipment operations. I learned how to operate and maintain heavy machinery, and how to troubleshoot and repair any issues that might arise. I also learned how to work in a fast-paced environment and make quick decisions under pressure. These skills would prove to be invaluable as I transitioned into entrepreneurship.

Transitioning from Military to Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I was able to use my military skills to my advantage. My attention to detail and discipline allowed me to keep my business organized and running smoothly. My ability to work in fast-paced environments and make quick decisions under pressure helped me to adapt to the ever-changing market and stay ahead of the competition. I was also able to transfer my experience with heavy machinery and equipment to my business, which allowed me to provide high-quality services to my customers.

Top 5 Reasons Military Training Succeeds in Entrepreneurship

  1. Discipline: Military training instills discipline and attention to detail, which are crucial for running a successful business.

  2. Teamwork: Basic training teaches teamwork, which can be applied to working with employees, customers, and partners.

  3. Adaptability: Military training prepares you for fast-paced environments and quick decision-making, which are essential for adapting to market changes.

  4. Equipment Operations: The skills learned in engineering equipment operations can be applied to running and maintaining your own equipment in your business.

  5. Leadership: Military training teaches leadership skills, which can be applied to managing employees and leading your business to success.

Signing up with Veterans First Watch: Staying Ahead of the Competition

After successfully starting and growing my business, I realized that I wanted to continue to grow and improve my skills. That's why I signed up with Veterans First Watch. With this program, I have access to a network of like-minded veterans who are also successful entrepreneurs. I can learn from their experiences and stay ahead of the competition by continuing to grow my skills and knowledge.

In conclusion, the skills I learned as a 1345 Engineer Equipment Operator in the US Marine Corps have been invaluable in my journey as an entrepreneur. I was able to use my discipline, teamwork, adaptability, equipment operations, and leadership skills to start and grow my business. By signing up with Veterans First Watch, I am able to continue my growth and succeed in my new venture.