Transitioning from 13W to Entrepreneur: How Military Skills Pave the Way to Success

As a Field Artillery Meteorological Crewmember (13W) in the US Army, you have honed valuable skills that can be applied to entrepreneurship. From the discipline learned in basic training to the advanced skills acquired in your military training, you are well equipped to tackle the challenges of running a business.

Remember those fun-filled days in basic training when you learned teamwork, time management, and problem-solving skills? These skills are crucial in entrepreneurship, where you must work with others, manage multiple tasks and make quick decisions to resolve issues that may arise. The experience of adapting to new environments and being able to think on your feet can also be a valuable asset in starting a new business.

In your advanced skills training, you honed your technical abilities and developed a strong attention to detail. These skills are critical in managing operations, finances and technology in your own business. Your ability to analyze and interpret data can help you make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

Here are the top 5 reasons why your military training succeeds in entrepreneurship:

  1. Discipline and structure: The structure and discipline you learned in the military can help you establish a routine and manage your time effectively as an entrepreneur.

  2. Problem-solving skills: The ability to think critically and quickly find solutions to problems is a valuable skill in entrepreneurship.

  3. Attention to detail: Your focus on accuracy and precision can help you avoid mistakes and ensure the smooth operation of your business.

  4. Adaptability: The experience of working in different environments and adapting to change is an essential skill for an entrepreneur.

  5. Leadership: The leadership skills you learned in the military can be applied to your business, helping you to effectively manage employees and make strategic decisions.

To further your entrepreneurial journey, consider joining Veterans First Watch, a network of veteran entrepreneurs who support each other in starting and growing businesses. With the support of your fellow veteran entrepreneurs, you can take your skills from the military and turn them into a successful business.

So, let’s make the transition from 13W to entrepreneur and turn your military training into a path to success. Start your entrepreneurial journey today!