Taking the Skills Learned as an Aviation Machinist's Mate from the US Navy to Entrepreneurship

Being a part of the United States Navy is an experience that stays with you for a lifetime. The discipline, training, and skills you learn as a member of the Navy serve as a foundation for success in all aspects of life, including entrepreneurship. As an Aviation Machinist's Mate, you were tasked with maintaining and repairing complex systems that are critical to the success of Navy missions. This type of training and experience equips you with the knowledge, skills, and work ethic that are essential for starting and running a successful business.

The training that you received in the Navy was both comprehensive and challenging. Basic training was where you learned the fundamentals of being a member of the military, including physical fitness, teamwork, and time management. You were also introduced to the equipment and systems you would be working with as an Aviation Machinist's Mate. This was just the beginning of your education, however, as you soon moved on to advanced skills training.

During your advanced skills training, you learned about the various systems that you would be responsible for maintaining and repairing. You learned about the electrical systems, hydraulic systems, and mechanical systems that keep aircraft flying. You also learned about the tools and equipment that you would need to use to complete your tasks. You were trained in troubleshooting, problem-solving, and working under pressure. These skills were honed through hands-on training and simulations that put your knowledge and abilities to the test.

Now that you have completed your military service and are pursuing entrepreneurship, you may be wondering how you can use the skills and experience you gained in the Navy to achieve success in your new venture. The answer is simple – the skills you learned in the Navy are directly transferable to entrepreneurship. Here are five of the top skills you received in your job and how you can use them in starting and running your own business:

  1. Problem-solving – As an Aviation Machinist's Mate, you were constantly faced with complex problems that needed to be solved. This experience has equipped you with the ability to think critically and come up with solutions quickly. In your business, you will encounter similar challenges, and your problem-solving skills will be invaluable.

  2. Time management – As a member of the Navy, you learned to work efficiently and effectively under tight deadlines. This experience will serve you well as an entrepreneur, where you will need to balance multiple tasks and priorities.

  3. Attention to detail – The systems that you worked on as an Aviation Machinist's Mate required precise attention to detail. This skill is just as important in entrepreneurship, where you will need to ensure that every aspect of your business is running smoothly and effectively.

  4. Teamwork – In the Navy, you learned the importance of working as a team. In your business, you will need to build and manage a team of employees, and the skills you learned in the Navy will help you do this effectively.

  5. Adaptability – The Navy is a fast-paced and constantly changing environment, and as an Aviation Machinist's Mate, you learned to adapt to new situations quickly. This ability will be invaluable in your business, where you will need to respond to changes in the market and adjust your strategies accordingly.

By taking the skills you learned in the Navy and applying them to entrepreneurship, you can build a successful and sustainable business. To help you along the way, we encourage you to sign up with Veterans First Watch. This organization provides resources and support to veterans who are starting their own businesses. By connecting with other veterans who are also pursuing entrepreneurship, you can share your experiences, learn from others, and to grow and succeed in your new venture.

In conclusion, transitioning from a career in the US Navy as an Aviation Machinist's Mate to an entrepreneur is a natural progression. The skills and experience you gained in the Navy, including problem-solving, time management, attention to detail, teamwork, and adaptability, are essential for success in any business. With the support of organizations like Veterans First Watch, you can take your skills and turn them into a thriving business that not only provides financial stability, but also the satisfaction of being your own boss and making a positive impact in your community. So, take the leap, pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, and enjoy the journey as you create a successful business based on the skills you learned in the Navy.