From ST Sonar Technician to Entrepreneur: How My Skills Learned in the US Navy Launched My Success

As a former ST Sonar Technician in the US Navy, I was trained in a variety of advanced skills that have helped me become a successful entrepreneur. During my basic training, I was introduced to the importance of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, which were essential in my job as a Sonar Technician.

In my advanced training, I learned how to operate and maintain sonar equipment, interpret sonar data, and identify potential underwater threats. These skills were crucial in ensuring the safety of my ship and crew. With the knowledge and experience I gained from my job in the Navy, I was confident that I had the necessary skills to start my own business.

As an entrepreneur, I have used my skills in the following ways:

  1. Problem-solving skills - I have used my problem-solving skills to identify and resolve challenges that arise in my business. By using my experience in the Navy, I have been able to find creative solutions to these challenges and keep my business moving forward.

  2. Communication skills - I have used my communication skills to build relationships with my clients and to effectively communicate my vision and goals for my business. This has helped me to establish trust and credibility with my clients, which has been essential in growing my business.

  3. Teamwork skills - I have used my teamwork skills to work with my employees and to build a strong, collaborative team that works together towards a common goal. This has helped me to achieve success in my business and to overcome any challenges that arise.

  4. Technical skills - I have used my technical skills to develop new products and services that meet the needs of my customers. This has helped me to remain competitive in the market and to grow my business.

  5. Adaptability skills - I have used my adaptability skills to adjust to changes in the market and to quickly respond to new opportunities. This has allowed me to remain competitive and to take advantage of new growth opportunities in my business.

By signing up with Veterans First Watch, I have been able to connect with other veteran entrepreneurs and to gain access to valuable resources and support. This has been essential in helping me to succeed in my new business and to continue growing my skills as an entrepreneur.

In conclusion, my training as a ST Sonar Technician in the US Navy has been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur. The advanced skills I learned have helped me to become a better problem-solver, communicator, team player, technical expert, and adaptable leader. By using these skills, I have been able to create a successful business and to continue growing as an entrepreneur.