From Respiratory Specialist 68V to Entrepreneur: Transforming Military Skills into Business Success

As a former Respiratory Specialist (68V) in the US Army, you learned skills that are critical to the health and wellbeing of soldiers. The training you received in basic and advanced levels provided you with the expertise to treat patients in challenging environments, and to manage equipment and resources effectively.

Those days of basic training may have been fun-filled, but they were also intense. You learned discipline, teamwork, and the importance of following procedures. In advanced training, you learned about respiratory therapy and the crucial role that respiratory specialists play in supporting patients with breathing problems. You learned about the different types of equipment used for ventilation and the skills required to operate and maintain them.

Now, as an entrepreneur, you can put those skills to use in your own business. The lessons you learned in the military translate well to entrepreneurship, and can help you succeed in the competitive business world. Here are the top 5 reasons why your training as a Respiratory Specialist (68V) makes you a great entrepreneur:

  1. Discipline - In the military, you learned the importance of following procedures and sticking to a strict schedule. This discipline will be useful in your own business as you work to create a successful company.

  2. Attention to Detail - Your training in respiratory therapy required attention to detail, and you will use this skill to manage your business finances and resources effectively.

  3. Problem Solving - In the military, you faced challenging situations and had to find solutions quickly. This experience will help you solve problems in your business and make quick decisions.

  4. Leadership - Your training as a respiratory specialist involved managing teams and equipment. This experience will serve you well as you lead your own business.

  5. Adaptability - In the military, you had to be able to adapt to new situations and work with people from diverse backgrounds. This ability to adapt will be useful as you build relationships and navigate new challenges in your business.

As a veteran, you can take advantage of resources like Veterans First Watch to help you succeed in your new business. Veterans First Watch is a great resource for veterans looking to start their own business and provides support and resources to help you succeed.

By using the skills you learned as a Respiratory Specialist (68V) in the US Army, you are well-equipped to be a successful entrepreneur. With discipline, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, and adaptability, you have the tools you need to create a thriving business. So, sign up with Veterans First Watch today and see how you can succeed in your new venture!

Additionally, being a veteran in the business world comes with many advantages, such as a strong work ethic and leadership skills. Your military training has given you the foundation to handle stressful situations, prioritize tasks and make decisions under pressure. These skills are invaluable in running a successful business.

When starting a business, it is important to have a clear vision and a solid business plan. This plan should outline your goals, target market, and strategies for reaching those goals. Your military training has taught you how to plan and execute missions, and this skill will be useful as you develop your business plan.

In order to be successful as an entrepreneur, it is also important to network and build relationships with other businesses and individuals in your industry. Your military experience has taught you the importance of working with others to achieve a common goal, and this will be useful as you build relationships in the business world.

In conclusion, being a former Respiratory Specialist (68V) in the US Army has given you the skills and experience to be a successful entrepreneur. From discipline and attention to detail, to problem-solving and leadership, the skills you learned in the military will serve you well in your new venture. So, take advantage of resources like Veterans First Watch and use your military training to reach your entrepreneurial goals.