From Precision Measurement Equipment Lab to Entrepreneur: How My Air Force Skills Launched My Business

As a former 2P0X1 Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory in the US Air Force, I learned valuable skills that I still use today as an entrepreneur. From my basic training days, where I learned discipline and teamwork, to my advanced skills training, where I became an expert in precision measurements, I developed a unique skill set that set me apart from others in the business world.

In the military, I was responsible for calibrating, repairing, and maintaining precision measuring equipment used in various missions. This required me to have a strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills, which are essential in the business world. I also learned how to work well under pressure and communicate effectively with others, which have helped me greatly in managing my own business.

When I transitioned to being an entrepreneur, I was able to utilize these skills in several ways. For example, my attention to detail helped me to keep accurate financial records and make informed business decisions. My problem-solving skills allowed me to find creative solutions to challenges I faced as a business owner. My ability to work well under pressure has helped me to remain calm and focused in high-stakes situations, such as meeting with potential investors.

In addition to these skills, here are the top five skills I received in my Air Force job that I have used as an entrepreneur:

  1. Attention to detail: As a precision measurement equipment laboratory, I learned the importance of paying close attention to even the smallest details. This skill has helped me in creating accurate financial records and in ensuring the quality of my products or services.

  2. Problem-solving skills: In my Air Force job, I was often faced with complex problems that required creative solutions. This experience has been invaluable in helping me to find innovative solutions to business challenges.

  3. Communication skills: In the military, I learned how to communicate effectively with others, regardless of rank or experience. This has helped me in building strong relationships with clients and partners.

  4. Time management: In the military, I was trained to manage my time effectively in order to complete missions on time. This has been a valuable skill in running my own business, where I must prioritize tasks and manage my time efficiently.

  5. Teamwork: In the Air Force, I learned the importance of working well with others to achieve a common goal. This has helped me in creating a positive work environment for my employees and in building strong partnerships with other businesses.

By utilizing these skills, I have been able to build a successful business that has allowed me to pursue my passion and provide for my family. I am proud of my military service and the skills I gained while serving my country.

I would like to invite other veterans to sign up with Veterans First Watch, an organization that provides resources and support to veterans looking to start their own businesses. By connecting with other veterans and accessing resources, we can help each other succeed in our entrepreneurial endeavors.

In conclusion, my Air Force experience has been invaluable in helping me to launch and grow my own business. I am grateful for the skills I learned while serving and I encourage other veterans to consider using their military skills to become entrepreneurs.