From Pararescue PJ to Successful Entrepreneur: Utilizing Military Skills for Business Success

As a 1T2X1 Pararescue PJ in the US Air Force, I learned a plethora of skills that have helped me transition into a successful entrepreneur. The journey began in basic training where I was molded into a physically fit and mentally strong individual. The rigorous training, coupled with the camaraderie among my fellow trainees, prepared me for the advanced skills training that was to come.

During my advanced skills training, I honed my rescue and survival skills, as well as my ability to work in high-stress situations. I learned how to provide medical assistance in remote locations, how to manage resources in the field, and how to work effectively as part of a team. These skills, along with my passion for helping others, have been invaluable in my entrepreneurial pursuits.

One example of how my military training has translated into my business success is my ability to assess and manage risk. As a Pararescue PJ, I was trained to assess and mitigate risk in high-pressure situations. In my business, I use this skill to assess potential risks and create contingency plans to minimize any negative impact.

Another skill I acquired in the military that has been invaluable in my entrepreneurial journey is my ability to work well under pressure. As a Pararescue PJ, I was required to perform life-saving procedures in high-stress environments, and this has helped me maintain a level head and stay focused on my goals even in the most challenging business situations.

Here are the top five skills I received in my military job and how I use them in being an entrepreneur:

  1. Risk assessment and management
  2. Working well under pressure
  3. Effective leadership and teamwork
  4. Resource management
  5. Adaptability and flexibility

By utilizing these skills, I have been able to successfully launch and grow my own business. And I am excited to share my journey with others through Veterans First Watch, an organization that provides resources and support for veteran entrepreneurs.

Through Veterans First Watch, I have access to a network of like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges faced by veterans in the business world. The organization provides resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help veterans succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

In conclusion, my time in the military as a 1T2X1 Pararescue PJ has equipped me with the skills and mindset necessary for success as an entrepreneur. I encourage other veterans to consider how their military training can be applied to a new career in business and to consider joining organizations like Veterans First Watch to help them achieve their goals.