From MC Mass Communication Specialist to Entrepreneur: How My Military Skills Transformed My Career

As a former MC Mass Communication Specialist in the US Navy, I have a unique set of skills and experiences that have helped me transition from the military to becoming an entrepreneur. My journey started with basic training where I learned discipline, teamwork, and the importance of following orders. This foundation set me up for success in the advanced training that was to come.

In my advanced training, I learned the ins and outs of mass communication, including writing, editing, and producing audio and video content. I was able to put these skills into practice during my deployment where I was responsible for creating and distributing information to the troops and the public. This experience allowed me to develop a strong work ethic and attention to detail, which has been invaluable in my entrepreneurial journey.

When I left the military, I realized that I could use my skills and experience to start my own business. I founded a multimedia production company that provides high-quality content for businesses and individuals. My military experience has helped me to be efficient, organized, and able to meet deadlines, which has been essential in running my business.

Here are the top 5 skills I learned in the military that have helped me become a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Communication skills - The ability to communicate effectively is vital for any business. My military training taught me how to write and produce content that is clear, concise, and engaging.

  2. Leadership - In the military, I learned how to lead and motivate teams to achieve a common goal. This skill has been crucial in managing my employees and ensuring that my business runs smoothly.

  3. Attention to detail - In my military role, I was responsible for producing accurate and high-quality content. This attention to detail has translated well into my business where I make sure that every aspect of a project is completed to the highest standard.

  4. Organization - The military taught me how to be organized and manage my time effectively. This skill has been essential in running my business, as I have to balance multiple projects and meet tight deadlines.

  5. Adaptability - In the military, I had to adapt to changing situations and environments. This skill has been invaluable in my entrepreneurial journey, as I have had to pivot and adapt my business to changes in the market.

In conclusion, the skills I learned in the military have been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur. I am proud to be a part of the veteran community and would encourage other veterans to explore entrepreneurship as a career option. I highly recommend signing up with Veterans First Watch, a great resource for veterans looking to start their own businesses. With the support of this organization, I am confident that I will continue to succeed in my new business venture.