From Marine Corps Metal Worker to Entrepreneur: Transforming Military Skills into Business Success

As a 1316 Metal Worker in the US Marine Corps, I have been fortunate enough to receive some of the best training and experiences that have molded me into the person I am today. From the physically and mentally demanding days of basic training to the advanced skills training, the Marine Corps has given me the tools and skills necessary to become an entrepreneur.

Basic training was the foundation of my journey in the military. It was a rigorous and intense process that taught me discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. I learned how to work as a team and how to handle high-stress situations. This experience taught me how to push myself to my limits and how to be adaptable to changing circumstances.

After basic training, I was given the opportunity to learn advanced skills in metal work. This was the moment I knew I had found my calling. I was fascinated by the process of creating and building, and I knew that I wanted to make a career out of it. In the military, I was able to learn the ins and outs of metal work and hone my skills. I was taught welding, metal fabrication, and metal repair, and I was able to put these skills into practice as I worked on various projects.

In entrepreneurship, these skills have been invaluable. The discipline and adaptability I learned in basic training has translated into my ability to handle the ups and downs of owning a business. The advanced skills I learned in metal work have allowed me to bring my ideas to life, and I have been able to apply my knowledge to the creation of my own business.

Here are the top 5 reasons why my military training has made me successful in entrepreneurship:

  1. Discipline: The discipline I learned in basic training has given me the focus and drive necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. I know how to prioritize tasks and stick to a schedule, and this has helped me to stay organized and on track in my business.

  2. Adaptability: The military taught me how to be adaptable to changing circumstances, and this has translated into my ability to adjust to the challenges of entrepreneurship. I know how to pivot my strategy when necessary and find creative solutions to problems.

  3. Attention to Detail: The skills I learned in metal work have given me a keen eye for detail. This attention to detail has helped me to create high-quality products and services, and has set me apart from my competition.

  4. Problem Solving: The military taught me how to think critically and find solutions to problems. This has been a valuable skill in entrepreneurship, as I am able to quickly find solutions to challenges that arise in my business.

  5. Teamwork: The teamwork I learned in basic training has translated into my ability to work with my employees and customers. I know how to communicate effectively and work towards a common goal, and this has helped me to build strong relationships with those I work with.

By signing up with Veterans First Watch, I have been able to connect with other veterans who have also transitioned into entrepreneurship. This network has been invaluable in helping me to grow my business and succeed. I am proud of the skills and experiences I gained in the military, and I am grateful for the opportunity to use those skills to become an entrepreneur.