Leveraging Your Pharmacy Specialist Skills to Launch a Successful Entrepreneurial Career

As a former Pharmacy Specialist (68Q) in the US Army, I learned valuable skills that have helped me succeed as an entrepreneur. From the discipline and organization I learned in basic training to the advanced skills training I received as a 68Q, my military background has been an immense asset in the world of business.

When I first enlisted in the US Army, I never expected to use the skills I learned to start my own business. But as I progressed through my military career and developed a passion for entrepreneurship, I realized that my military training was the foundation for my success.

My advanced skills training as a 68Q was intense and demanding, but it taught me the importance of attention to detail, accuracy, and speed. I was trained to handle and dispense medications with the utmost care, and I was responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of my fellow soldiers. This experience taught me the value of taking responsibility for my actions and making sure every detail was taken care of.

These skills translate directly to my entrepreneurial pursuits. In my business, I take pride in providing excellent customer service and paying close attention to the needs of my clients. I also make sure that every detail is taken care of, just as I did as a 68Q in the military.

Here are the top 5 reasons my military training gives me a competitive edge as an entrepreneur:

  1. Organization and Attention to Detail: My military training has instilled in me the importance of staying organized and paying close attention to every detail, which is essential for success as an entrepreneur.

  2. Time Management: As a 68Q, I learned to manage my time effectively, which is a crucial skill for entrepreneurs who have to balance multiple tasks and responsibilities.

  3. Adaptability: The military taught me to be adaptable and flexible, which is crucial for entrepreneurs who often have to navigate new and unpredictable situations.

  4. Leadership: My military training helped me develop strong leadership skills, which I use to motivate and lead my team in my business.

  5. Responsibility: The responsibility I had as a 68Q has carried over into my business, where I take pride in providing quality products and services to my customers.

In conclusion, my military training has been an invaluable asset in my journey as an entrepreneur. If you're a veteran looking to start your own business, I highly recommend signing up with Veterans First Watch. With the support of this organization, I have been able to turn my passion for entrepreneurship into a successful business.