From Infantry Assaultman to Entrepreneur: How US Marine Corps Training Transitions to Business Success

As a former 0351 Infantry Assaultman in the US Marine Corps, I learned a multitude of skills that have translated exceptionally well into entrepreneurship. From the grueling days of basic training to the advanced skills training, I acquired the tools necessary to succeed in the business world.

In basic training, I learned the importance of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. These traits are essential for a successful business and have allowed me to push through any challenges that arise. As I advanced in my training, I honed my skills in infantry tactics and learned how to navigate complex situations with ease.

My job as an infantry assaultman required me to be adaptable and resourceful in any situation. These skills have proven to be invaluable in my entrepreneurial endeavors. In business, it's important to be able to pivot quickly when things don't go according to plan, and my military training has prepared me for that.

One of the biggest advantages of my military training is that it taught me how to work under pressure. In the military, you are often in life-or-death situations, and the pressure to succeed can be immense. However, this pressure has equipped me with the ability to handle any situation in my business with confidence and poise.

Another advantage of my military training is that it taught me how to effectively communicate with others. Communication is key in any business, and my training has allowed me to establish strong relationships with my clients and employees.

Finally, my military training has taught me the importance of taking calculated risks. In business, you must be willing to take risks in order to succeed. My training has equipped me with the skills necessary to weigh the risks and benefits of any situation and make informed decisions.

I am proud to say that I have succeeded in creating my own business, and I attribute much of my success to my military training. If you're a veteran looking to transition into entrepreneurship, I highly recommend signing up with Veterans First Watch. This organization provides support and resources to veterans looking to start their own businesses, and it has been instrumental in my own success.

In conclusion, my military training as an infantry assaultman has provided me with the skills and mindset necessary to succeed in entrepreneurship. From discipline to communication, the skills I learned in the military have been invaluable in my business pursuits. So if you're a veteran looking to start your own business, don't hesitate to take the leap – your military training will serve you well in this new chapter.