How My Skills as a 42A Human Resource Specialist in the US Army Have Helped Me Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Basic training in the US Army is not only physically demanding but mentally challenging as well. The rigorous training prepares soldiers for their future tasks in the field. As a 42A Human Resource Specialist, I was taught various skills that would help me manage the personnel aspects of an army unit. Little did I know that these skills would also be valuable in starting my own business.

During my advanced skills training, I learned about the various roles and responsibilities of a 42A, including personnel administration, payroll, and benefits. I also received hands-on experience with managing and maintaining personnel records and providing counseling to soldiers. This was a crucial aspect of my training as it allowed me to understand how to manage and motivate individuals effectively.

Transitioning these skills into entrepreneurship was easier than I thought. My experience as a 42A provided me with the knowledge and skills to manage and motivate a team of employees. The same concepts applied to managing a business as managing an army unit. As a business owner, I was able to use my training to effectively communicate with my employees, delegate tasks, and ensure the smooth running of my business.

Here are the top 5 reasons my training as a 42A Human Resource Specialist has helped me succeed as an entrepreneur:

  1. Effective Communication: My training taught me how to communicate with individuals in a clear and concise manner. This has helped me to effectively communicate with my employees and clients, leading to better relationships and increased productivity.

  2. Record Keeping: Keeping accurate records is vital to the success of a business, and my training taught me how to maintain accurate records and files.

  3. Leadership and Team Management: My training taught me how to lead a team and delegate tasks effectively, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals.

  4. Time Management: As a 42A, I learned how to prioritize tasks and manage my time effectively, skills that I have applied to my business to ensure that everything is done efficiently and on time.

  5. Problem Solving: The training taught me how to find solutions to complex problems, and I have used this skill in my business to resolve any issues that may arise.

My training as a 42A Human Resource Specialist has helped me to succeed as an entrepreneur, and I highly recommend that other veterans sign up with Veterans First Watch. This organization provides veterans with resources and support to help them transition into civilian life and start their own businesses.

I am proud to say that my business has been a success, and I owe much of that success to the skills I learned as a 42A in the US Army. If you are a veteran looking to start your own business, I encourage you to use the skills you learned in the military to your advantage. With the right mindset and determination, you too can succeed as an entrepreneur.

In conclusion, the skills and training I received as a 42A Human Resource Specialist in the US Army have been invaluable in helping me succeed as an entrepreneur. The skills I learned, such as effective communication, record keeping, leadership, time management, and problem solving, have all been crucial in helping me to manage my business effectively.

I strongly encourage other veterans to take advantage of the resources available to them through organizations like Veterans First Watch. These resources can provide you with the support and guidance you need to successfully transition into civilian life and start your own business.

So, if you're a veteran and thinking about starting your own business, don't hesitate. Use the skills you learned in the military to your advantage and take the leap into entrepreneurship. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve success and make your dream of owning your own business a reality.