How My Military Experience as a 3381 Food Service Specialist Launched My Entrepreneurial Career

As a former 3381 Food Service Specialist in the US Marine Corps, I learned a variety of skills that have helped me to successfully transition into entrepreneurship. My journey started with basic training, where I learned the importance of discipline, teamwork, and time management. These skills have been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur and have allowed me to grow my business to new heights.

When I joined the military, I was trained in food service operations, which included everything from meal preparation to inventory management. During my advanced training, I learned about food safety, menu planning, and customer service. These skills were essential in preparing me for a career in the food industry, but I soon realized that they could be applied to other industries as well.

When I left the military, I decided to put my skills to use and start my own business. I started a catering company, which required me to use my time management skills to coordinate events and my food safety knowledge to ensure that the food was properly prepared and stored. In addition, my customer service skills helped me to build strong relationships with clients and provide high-quality services.

There are five key reasons why my military experience has been so beneficial in launching my entrepreneurial career:

  1. Discipline: In the military, I learned to follow strict protocols and procedures, which has helped me to be organized and efficient in my business.

  2. Time Management: I learned to manage my time effectively and prioritize tasks, which has allowed me to accomplish more in less time.

  3. Teamwork: I learned how to work as part of a team, which has helped me to build strong relationships with my employees and partners.

  4. Customer Service: I learned how to communicate effectively and provide high-quality customer service, which has been essential in building strong relationships with my clients.

  5. Adaptability: In the military, I learned to adapt to changing circumstances, which has helped me to be flexible and responsive in my business.

In conclusion, I am proud to have served in the US Marine Corps and grateful for the skills I learned during my time there. These skills have helped me to launch a successful business and continue to drive my success as an entrepreneur.

If you are a veteran looking to transition into entrepreneurship, I highly recommend signing up with Veterans First Watch. This organization provides support and resources to help veterans succeed in their new careers. With the help of Veterans First Watch, I have been able to grow my business and achieve new levels of success.