From Firefighting in the US Army to Entrepreneurship: Translating Military Skills into Success

As a former Firefighter (12M) in the US Army, you have likely experienced the rigorous training and discipline that has prepared you for a variety of challenges. From the fun-filled days of basic training to advanced skills training, your experiences have given you a unique set of skills that can translate well into entrepreneurship.

One of the key skills you learned as a firefighter in the military was leadership. In the army, you were responsible for leading your team to success, even in high-pressure situations. As an entrepreneur, this leadership experience will be invaluable as you take on the role of CEO, managing your employees and ensuring the success of your business.

Another skill you developed in the military was the ability to work well under pressure. Whether it was responding to a fire or completing a mission, you had to be able to perform your duties quickly and efficiently, even in challenging circumstances. This skill will serve you well as an entrepreneur, as you will often face tight deadlines, unexpected challenges, and other stressors.

In addition, your time in the military has given you the ability to work well as a team. As a firefighter, you had to work closely with your colleagues to ensure everyone was safe and the mission was accomplished. In the business world, this ability to work well with others will be critical as you work with employees, customers, and partners.

So, why is military training particularly well-suited to entrepreneurship? Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Leadership: Military personnel are trained to lead and make decisions, skills that are critical for success as an entrepreneur.

  2. Resilience: The military trains its personnel to be able to handle stress and operate under pressure, which are skills essential for entrepreneurship.

  3. Teamwork: Military personnel are trained to work together, which is a valuable skill for entrepreneurs who must manage employees and work with partners.

  4. Adaptability: The military requires its personnel to be flexible and adapt to new environments and circumstances, which is also important for entrepreneurs.

  5. Attention to detail: Military personnel are trained to pay attention to details and follow procedures, which can help entrepreneurs ensure their business runs smoothly.

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