From Emergency Management to Entrepreneurship: How My Air Force Skills Launched My Success

As a 3E9X1 Emergency Management specialist in the US Air Force, I gained valuable skills and experiences that I was able to apply when I transitioned into entrepreneurship. Basic training taught me discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills, while my advanced skills training in emergency management gave me the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful in my own business.

My advanced training involved working in various roles such as event planning, risk assessment, and disaster response planning. I also had the opportunity to work in different environments, including military bases and civilian communities, which allowed me to gain a broad understanding of the field. This knowledge and experience helped me to launch my own event planning and disaster response consulting business.

When I became an entrepreneur, I found that the skills I gained in the Air Force were highly transferable to the business world. Here are the top 5 skills I received in my job and how I used it in being an entrepreneur:

  1. Leadership: I was able to use my leadership skills to manage my team, set goals, and make decisions. I also learned how to communicate effectively and motivate others to achieve their full potential.

  2. Attention to detail: As an emergency management specialist, I was trained to pay close attention to detail and ensure that every aspect of my work was accurate and efficient. This skill has been invaluable in running my business, where I need to ensure that every event I plan runs smoothly and is executed to the highest standards.

  3. Problem solving: In my role as an emergency management specialist, I was constantly faced with complex problems and had to think critically to find solutions. This has helped me to approach challenges in my business with a creative and solution-focused mindset.

  4. Adaptability: The Air Force taught me to be flexible and adaptable to new situations and changing circumstances. This has been crucial in my business, where I have to constantly adjust to meet the needs of my clients and the market.

  5. Strategic thinking: In my role as an emergency management specialist, I was trained to think strategically and plan for the future. This has helped me to develop a long-term vision for my business and make informed decisions to ensure its success.

I am proud of my Air Force experience and the skills I gained from it. Today, I am excited to announce that I have joined Veterans First Watch, a network of veteran entrepreneurs who support each other in their business endeavors. By sharing my story and experiences with other veterans, I hope to inspire others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. With the support of Veterans First Watch, I am confident that I will continue to succeed in the new business I created.

As a veteran entrepreneur, I am grateful for the opportunities and support that Veterans First Watch provides. With their help, I have been able to grow my business and connect with other like-minded individuals who share my passion for entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, being a 3E9X1 Emergency Management specialist in the US Air Force has provided me with the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary to be successful as an entrepreneur. From leadership to problem solving, the skills I gained have been invaluable in launching and growing my business. I encourage other veterans to consider entrepreneurship as a career path and take advantage of the resources and support available through organizations like Veterans First Watch.