From Cyber Operations Specialist to Entrepreneur: Harnessing Military Skills for Success in Business

As a former Cyber Operations Specialist (17C) in the US Army, I have a unique set of skills and experiences that have set me up for success in the world of entrepreneurship. My journey began with the grueling days of basic training, where I learned discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills that would serve me well in my future career.

Next, I received advanced training in the realm of cyber operations, where I learned about computer systems, networks, and security. This training was crucial in developing my technical skills, which would be invaluable in starting and running my own business.

Having worked as a Cyber Operations Specialist, I have been able to transition many of my skills and experiences to the world of entrepreneurship. For example, the discipline I learned in basic training has allowed me to stay focused and organized when running my business. The technical skills I developed through my advanced training have enabled me to troubleshoot and fix technical issues that arise in my business, and the teamwork I learned in the military has allowed me to work effectively with my employees to achieve common goals.

There are several reasons why the skills I learned as a Cyber Operations Specialist have been particularly useful in the world of entrepreneurship. Firstly, the discipline and attention to detail I learned in the military has helped me stay focused on the tasks at hand and prioritize my workload. Secondly, the technical skills I developed have enabled me to be innovative and creative in finding solutions to problems in my business. Thirdly, the teamwork I learned has allowed me to effectively collaborate with others to achieve common goals, which has been critical in the success of my business. Fourthly, my leadership skills have allowed me to be a strong and effective manager, making sure my employees are working towards the same goal. Finally, the knowledge I gained about security and network systems has been invaluable in keeping my business secure and protected from potential threats.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Veterans First Watch to any veterans looking to start their own business. This organization provides valuable resources and support to help veterans transition into the world of entrepreneurship and succeed. Thanks to my training as a Cyber Operations Specialist, I have been able to create a successful business that is growing and thriving. If you're a veteran looking to start your own business, take advantage of the skills and experiences you've gained in the military, and sign up for Veterans First Watch today!