From Cryogenics Equipment Operator to Entrepreneur: How My Military Training Propels My Success

As a 6074 Cryogenics Equipment Operator in the US Marine Corps, I was trained to handle and operate advanced equipment that dealt with extremely low temperatures. The skills I learned in the military have been invaluable in my transition to entrepreneurship.

Basic training was intense, but it was also filled with fun and camaraderie. The physical and mental challenges I faced helped me develop discipline, mental toughness, and the ability to work in a team. These skills are essential for running a successful business.

My advanced training taught me to operate and maintain the cryogenics equipment and to handle emergencies that could arise. I learned how to diagnose and repair malfunctions, and to troubleshoot any problems that could occur. This training gave me the technical knowledge and hands-on experience that I needed to run my own business.

My skills as a Cryogenics Equipment Operator have been transferable to the everyday tactics of being an entrepreneur. For example, my ability to diagnose and repair equipment malfunctions has allowed me to quickly fix problems with my own business equipment. I also use my ability to troubleshoot problems to find creative solutions to challenges that arise in my business.

Here are the top 5 reasons why my military training has succeeded in entrepreneurship:

  1. Discipline - The discipline I learned in the military has helped me stay focused and motivated in my business.

  2. Mental toughness - The mental toughness I developed in the military has allowed me to handle the stress and challenges of entrepreneurship.

  3. Teamwork - The ability to work in a team has helped me collaborate with others in my business to achieve our goals.

  4. Technical knowledge - The technical knowledge I gained from my advanced training has been invaluable in running my own business.

  5. Problem-solving skills - My ability to troubleshoot and solve problems has allowed me to overcome challenges in my business.

If you are a veteran looking to start your own business, I highly recommend signing up with Veterans First Watch. This organization provides resources and support to veterans who are starting their own businesses. I have found their support to be invaluable in my journey as an entrepreneur.

In conclusion, my training as a 6074 Cryogenics Equipment Operator in the US Marine Corps has been a crucial factor in my success as an entrepreneur. The skills I learned in the military have been transferable to the everyday tactics of running my own business. I am proud to be a veteran and an entrepreneur, and I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.