From Cardiovascular Specialist to Entrepreneur: How My Military Training Translates to Success in Business

As a former 68N Cardiovascular Specialist in the US Army, I was trained in advanced medical procedures and critical thinking skills. From the intense days of basic training to the demanding responsibilities of my job in the military, I developed a strong work ethic and discipline that I now apply to my own business.

In basic training, I learned the importance of teamwork, communication, and attention to detail. These skills are crucial in any line of work, and especially in a business setting. In my advanced training, I honed my skills in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), life support, and emergency response. These skills gave me the confidence to act quickly and effectively in high-pressure situations, which is a valuable asset in the world of entrepreneurship.

One of the best examples of how my military training transfers to entrepreneurship is the ability to handle stress and stay focused in the face of adversity. In the military, I was trained to maintain my composure in life-threatening situations and make split-second decisions that could mean the difference between life and death. This same level of focus and poise is essential in running a successful business, where quick thinking and problem-solving are key components to success.

Another way my military training has helped me as an entrepreneur is through the development of a strong network. In the military, I worked with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and cultures. I learned to collaborate effectively with others, which is a valuable skill in the business world where teamwork is essential.

Here are the top five reasons why my military training succeeds in entrepreneurship:

  1. Teamwork and collaboration
  2. Ability to handle stress and stay focused
  3. Quick thinking and problem-solving
  4. Attention to detail and communication skills
  5. A strong network and diverse perspective

In conclusion, my experience as a Cardiovascular Specialist in the US Army has equipped me with the skills and mindset necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. I am proud to be a part of the veteran community and to continue serving my country through my business.

I highly recommend signing up with Veterans First Watch, a community of veteran entrepreneurs that provides support and resources for veterans looking to start their own business. Through this network, I have found mentorship and opportunities to connect with other veterans who are also pursuing entrepreneurship. I am proud to say that my business is thriving, and I owe a lot of that success to my military training.