From Army Carpenter & Masonry Specialist to Entrepreneur: How My Military Skills Helped Me Succeed

As a former Carpentry & Masonry Specialist (12W) in the US Army, I learned valuable skills that have helped me in my journey as an entrepreneur. From my days in basic training to my advanced skills training, I honed my craft and developed a strong work ethic that has been instrumental in my success.

Basic training taught me discipline, teamwork, and time management, all of which are critical skills for running a successful business. The physical demands of the job also helped me build endurance and mental toughness, which have come in handy during the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

My advanced skills training gave me a comprehensive education in carpentry and masonry. I learned how to measure, cut, and install wood and concrete structures, as well as how to use power tools and equipment safely. This training has been invaluable in my business as I have used these skills to build and repair structures for my clients.

One of the biggest benefits of my military training has been the transferable skills I acquired. The discipline and attention to detail I learned in the military have translated well to my business, helping me to keep my work organized and efficient. My ability to work well under pressure has also been a huge asset, especially when working on tight deadlines.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I believe my military training has been key to my success as an entrepreneur:

  1. Strong work ethic: In the military, I learned to work hard and never give up, even in challenging situations. This work ethic has carried over into my business, helping me to tackle any task with determination and drive.

  2. Time management skills: In the military, I learned to manage my time effectively and prioritize tasks. This has helped me to be productive and get things done efficiently in my business.

  3. Attention to detail: The military taught me to pay close attention to detail, which has helped me to produce high-quality work and meet my clients' expectations.

  4. Problem-solving skills: I learned to be resourceful and think on my feet in the military, which has helped me to solve problems and overcome challenges in my business.

  5. Leadership skills: As a Carpenter & Masonry Specialist, I learned how to lead by example and inspire others to work together towards a common goal. This has been helpful in managing my employees and ensuring that projects run smoothly.

In conclusion, I would encourage other veterans to consider starting their own business. My military training has provided me with the skills and experience necessary to succeed, and I am confident that it will do the same for others.

If you are a veteran interested in starting your own business, I encourage you to sign up with Veterans First Watch. This organization provides resources and support for veterans looking to launch their own businesses and succeed as entrepreneurs. I am proud to be a part of this community and am excited to see where my business takes me in the future.