From Airfield Management to Entrepreneur: How My Military Skills Propelled My Success

As a former 1C7X1 Airfield Management Specialist in the US Air Force, I learned valuable skills that have not only served me well in my military career, but also in my journey as an entrepreneur. My experience in the military taught me discipline, attention to detail, and the importance of teamwork, all of which have helped me succeed in my business endeavors.

Basic training was a challenging and exciting experience. I was pushed to my limits both physically and mentally, but I learned to embrace the challenges and strive to be the best I could be. It was during this time that I realized the importance of being organized, efficient, and always willing to go the extra mile.

My advanced skills training was where I really honed my skills as an Airfield Management Specialist. I learned about aircraft movements, airfield management procedures, and air traffic control. I was responsible for overseeing the safe and efficient operation of the airfield, ensuring that aircraft took off and landed safely. This experience taught me the importance of paying attention to detail and making quick, informed decisions.

My military experience has translated well into my entrepreneurial pursuits. For example, as a small business owner, I must be organized and efficient, just as I was when managing the airfield. I must also be quick to make decisions and always consider the safety of my customers. In addition, my experience working in a team environment has taught me the importance of delegation and collaboration, skills that have proven invaluable in my business endeavors.

The top five skills I received in my job as an Airfield Management Specialist and how I have used them in being an entrepreneur are:

  1. Attention to detail - I make sure to pay close attention to the details in my business operations, just as I did when overseeing aircraft movements.

  2. Efficient organization - I am organized and efficient in my business operations, just as I was in managing the airfield.

  3. Quick decision making - I am able to make informed decisions quickly, just as I did in air traffic control.

  4. Teamwork and delegation - I understand the importance of collaboration and delegation in my business operations, just as I did when working in a team environment in the military.

  5. Attention to safety - I prioritize the safety of my customers and employees, just as I did when ensuring the safe operation of the airfield.

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In conclusion, my military experience as a 1C7X1 Airfield Management Specialist has been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur. The skills I learned in the military have translated well into my business endeavors and have helped me achieve success. If you're a veteran looking to start your own business, I encourage you to sign up with Veterans First Watch and take advantage of the resources and support they offer.