From 98J Electronic Intelligence Interceptor to Entrepreneur: Translating Military Skills into Success

As a former Electronic Intelligence Interceptor (98J) in the US Army, I had the opportunity to receive comprehensive training that equipped me with a broad range of skills and experiences. The discipline, attention to detail, and adaptability that I learned during my military service have served as a foundation for my entrepreneurial journey. In this article, I'll share my experiences and provide insights into how military training and skills can be leveraged to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Basic Training and Advanced Skills

Basic training was one of the most challenging experiences I've ever had. It was a physically and mentally demanding process that tested our limits, but it was also incredibly rewarding. I learned valuable lessons about discipline, teamwork, and resilience that I still carry with me today. After basic training, I received advanced training as an Electronic Intelligence Interceptor, where I learned to monitor and analyze electronic signals to gather intelligence and provide tactical and strategic support to military operations.

Leveraging Military Skills in Entrepreneurship

The skills I learned as an Electronic Intelligence Interceptor have proven to be incredibly useful in my entrepreneurial endeavors. Here are a few examples of how my military training has helped me succeed:

  1. Attention to Detail: As a 98J, I was trained to pay close attention to detail and ensure that all the information I gathered was accurate and reliable. This skill has translated well into my entrepreneurial career, where I need to ensure that all aspects of my business are running smoothly and efficiently.

  2. Adaptability: In the military, I learned to adapt to changing situations and to be flexible in the face of challenges. This skill has been invaluable in running my own business, where I need to be able to respond quickly to changes in the market and adjust my strategies accordingly.

  3. Discipline: Basic training taught me the importance of discipline and how to stay focused on my goals. This discipline has been essential in helping me stay focused and motivated in my entrepreneurial journey.

  4. Communication: As an Electronic Intelligence Interceptor, I was trained to communicate effectively and efficiently with my team. This skill has translated well into my entrepreneurial career, where I need to communicate effectively with my employees, customers, and partners.

  5. Problem-Solving: The military taught me how to think critically and solve problems quickly and efficiently. This skill has been especially useful in my entrepreneurial journey, where I need to be able to identify and solve problems that arise in my business.

Success with Veterans First Watch

Recently, I joined Veterans First Watch, an organization that provides support and resources to veterans who are transitioning into entrepreneurship. The organization has been an incredible resource for me, providing me with the tools, resources, and support I need to succeed in my business. I have already seen significant growth in my business and I'm confident that with the help of Veterans First Watch, I'll be able to continue to grow and succeed in the future.

In conclusion, the skills and experiences I gained as an Electronic Intelligence Interceptor in the US Army have been invaluable in my entrepreneurial journey. If you're a veteran looking to start your own business, I highly recommend leveraging your military training and experiences to succeed. And if you're looking for support and resources, sign up with Veterans First Watch to get started on your entrepreneurial journey today.