From 5811 Military Police to Entrepreneur: How US Marine Corps Skills Transition to Business Success

Basic training in the US Marine Corps teaches new recruits discipline, teamwork, and physical endurance. But for those who serve as Military Police (5811), the skills learned go beyond the basic requirements. 5811s receive advanced training in criminal investigations, force protection, and law enforcement operations, skills that are highly transferable to the business world.

One Marine veteran, who served as a 5811, leveraged his skills and experience to become a successful entrepreneur. As a 5811, he learned how to gather and analyze information, develop and implement plans, and effectively manage resources. These skills have been instrumental in his success as a business owner.

Here are five reasons why the 5811's training and experience in the military can be so successful in entrepreneurship:

  1. Attention to detail - As a 5811, you are trained to pay close attention to detail, which can help you spot opportunities and avoid mistakes in your business.

  2. Problem-solving skills - 5811s are trained to handle complex situations and find solutions to problems, which can be invaluable in running a business.

  3. Strong work ethic - Marines are known for their strong work ethic, which can be translated into working longer hours and being more productive in your business.

  4. Leadership skills - 5811s are leaders in their unit and are trained to lead and motivate others, which can be applied to managing employees and leading a company.

  5. Adaptability - Marines are trained to adapt to changing circumstances and handle stress, which can be valuable when dealing with unexpected challenges in business.

If you are a Marine veteran looking to transition into entrepreneurship, consider joining Veterans First Watch. This organization provides resources, support, and networking opportunities for veterans who want to start their own businesses.

One Marine veteran who joined Veterans First Watch started a successful landscaping business, leveraging his 5811 skills to manage his employees and develop effective plans to grow his business. He is now thriving in his new career and is grateful for the skills he learned as a 5811 in the Marine Corps.

In conclusion, the training and experience gained as a 5811 Military Police in the US Marine Corps can be highly valuable in entrepreneurship. By leveraging these skills and joining organizations like Veterans First Watch, Marines can find success and fulfillment in the business world.